Intel and Microsoft probably don’t want to hear that Netbooks are continuing to gain in popularity. The mini laptops are cheap, very portable and are great for those who only wish to surf the Internet or send/receive email. But these inexpensive computers are putting a dent into the profits of the WinTel alliance, since the little computers are extremely inexpensive.

According to a recent survey by NPD they state that Netbooks make up about 22.5% of total computer sales in the second quarter of 2009. The article also states that:

At this growth rate, netbooks will soon rival larger notebooks. Netbooks, or mini-notes as DisplaySearch calls them, outgrew larger notebook PCs by nearly 2 to 1. It grew 40 percent quarter over quarter, compared to 22 percent for larger notebooks. Of course, since netbooks are so much cheaper, the growth in revenues is not proportional.

Netbooks are taking the most share in Europe, where they had 32.9 percent share in the second quarter, followed by North America (26.6 percent), and China (18.8 percent). In North America, shipments are getting a boost because broadband providers are adding them as incentives for people who sign up for two-year plans. For instance, I’m getting a free HP netbook for signing up for Verizon FIOS. That’s going to be the kitchen/couch PC.

It should be interesting to see if Netbooks can over take laptop in sales this holiday season.

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