Not too long back I had someone emailing me asking me about podcasting using Skype for interviews as this was something I used to do in Windows back in 2003-2004. What made the question interesting to me personally is this is a person who apparently bounces between all three major platforms when working with video and audio.

So rather than rambling on further, I wanted to highlight software that is available today that will allow you to make interviews with guests a reality on all of the major platforms.

Windows – Yes, Windows has a few applications to make recording authorized interviews possible over Skype should you wish to do so for podcasting. The best I have seen in recent months has to be Skype Recorder from Extralabs Software. A trial version is available for this simple to use software and a personal license is available for $18.95.

OS X/Mac – As per usual, Mac has some fantastic software available to it. But the application that really stood out to me was this application called Call Recorder by ecamm network. Works much like the Windows application above with one significant advantage: you can also record video, too. But remember to abide by US law when it comes to recording voice and video conversations. Get permission to record the interview first and then get it again on the recording as well. This application is available for $19.95 and with the video recording function, totally worth it.

Linux – What, you thought there was nothing GUI based and simple for Linux users? Think again. Boasting the functionality seen with the Windows applications, I have been testing Skype Call Recorder for a few days now and I love it. It installs and when used from your Accessories menu (assuming Ubuntu 9.04), creates an applet next to the clock. From there, click to setup the settings as you wish. Record automatically or on a case by case basis. I found recording to Ogg Vorbis format works very well. Have not tested MP3 settings yet.You can buy this software for a price of $0 – it’s completely free. 🙂

Skype Linux – I did my test with the brand new PulseAudio compatible series Skype app. Unlike the previous version that would eat your CPU alive, this Skype release works very well with Ubuntu 9.04.