There should be an image here!Ask anyone in the industry and they will be among the first to inform you that the news as we once new it is evolving. Some say it is dying, but I have seen evidence of it changing rather than simply rolling over to play dead as others believe it to be.

As this NYT piece points out, these days all one needs is access to a mobile device such as an iPhone 3G S and a tip on a hot story to be a ‘cub reporter.’ While this may sound outlandish to existing reporters, bloggers have shown us just how much things have changed to a point where people can join up with sites such as Fwix.

The idea is a simply one. As local news has been hurt so badly in recent years with the downturn, sites like Fwix along with their upcoming software for the iPhone will allow the casual user to post their reports to the Web with relative ease.