Newspapers are currently dying a painful death, and the Internet can be blamed (or applauded) for that. The very idea of printed newspapers delivering news is in and of itself an oxymoron because there’s a lot of time that elapses from the time something happens to the time it appears in a newspaper. On the Internet, news is published and shared instantly, and people can easily decide what they want to read. With a newspaper, the content is decided for you. For these reasons and more, a service like ThyNews makes a lot of sense.

ThyNews enables you to create your own newspaper page using content and sources that you’re interested in. This content is always fresh, and it’s easy to access in one place. When you arrive at the site, you search for content that you enjoy and see what’s available to be added to your page. Adding content is easy, and it can be moved around wherever you wish. A list of recent headlines are presented that link you to the stories, and if you add a podcast to your page, you can listen to the audio straight from ThyNews. Who needs newspapers?