The NFL is taking a position that they do not want any NFL personnel to Tweet during game play. The problem goes back to the NFL draft when some personnel were Tweeting to fans their selection of players. Because of Twitter and Facebook availability to almost everyone in the world, The NFL is taking a position that Tweets of plays could interfere with media organizations reporting this information.

According to a recent news article it also states that:

The NFL said that it will let players, coaches, and other team personnel engage in social networking during the season. However, they will be prohibited from using Twitter and from updating profiles on Facebook and other social-networking sites during games.

In addition, they will not be allowed to tweet or update social-networking profiles 90 minutes before a game and until post-game interviews are completed.

The rules even extend to people “representing” a player or coach on their personal accounts.

The NFL didn’t just stop with the league itself, though. The organization also said that media attending games will be prohibited from providing game updates through social networks.

“Longstanding policies prohibiting play-by-play descriptions of NFL games in progress apply fully to Twitter and other social media platforms,” the National Football League said in its statement. “Internet sites may not post detailed information that approximates play-by-play during a game.

“While a game is in progress, any forms of accounts of the game must be sufficiently time-delayed and limited in amount (e.g., score updates with detail given only in quarterly game updates) so that the accredited organization’s game coverage cannot be used as a substitute for, or otherwise approximate, authorized play-by-play accounts.”

What’s next? Will the NFL try to prohibit fans at the stadium from Tweeting as well? Will the NFL some day resort to cell phone jamming at their stadiums?

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