The browser wars are of no concern to me since I couldn’t care less how much market share any of them command. What is important is that this newest browser war is going to benefit all of us. This new crop of browsers are faster and hopefully more secure.

During the past week I have been using the newest version of the Opera browser and took it for a spin. Whoah there, Nelly! This is another speed burner that is worth taking a look at. I like the default color scheme and how the tabs function. Adding widgets is a breeze and my overall experience was 100% positive.

But I have to admit my experiences, minus Internet Explorer (which I won’t even consider using), have been more positive than negative.  During the past few months I have tried Chrome, Safari, Opera, and the latest Firefox, all of which have provided increased browsing performance and an overall enjoyable experience. It seems that each of the respective browser companies are trying to copy each other and have entered into a speed contest.

More speed when surfing the Internet is great for us consumers and I believe more changes are coming our way.

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