What the Internet knows about you

Be very afraid.

The Onion Fools Foreign Reporters Once Again

Be very afraid.

Contraception myths ‘widespread’

You mean douching with Coke after sex won’t prevent pregnancy?  Pepsi?

The Dems’ Healthcare Plan Can’t Be Done–Not Because of Politics, But Economics

But we’re not gonna let reality stand in the way of politics, are we?

Top Five Hotels For Having Affairs

Oh goodie.  How about a bar mitzvah?

Pandemic Bill Allows Health Authorities To Enter Homes, Detain Without Warrant

And this is needed why?

Why Desktop Email Still Makes Sense

It never stopped making sense, you trendy twit.

“Democracy Is Dead… Politicians [In] The White House, Senate And Congress [Are] Mere Puppets, Pawns For The … Oligopoly”

That’s Kleptocracy, Son.

Boost Your Brain’s Health with Loud Music

As a musician, I fully endorse this.

Stroke cures man’s failing sight but loses ability to speak French

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Depression looms as global crisis

Good thing my insurer says that depression isn’t a serious mental condition…

Sudden infant deaths ‘tumbling’

I know it’s a good thing but it sounds painful.

Retail Expert Describes What Men Want Out Of A Shopping Experience

Soda or beer and oral sex.  All they had to do was ask


Sizing up Opera 10 Final: Can it Compete?

Firefighting ingenuity that can help save lives

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Learn why 250GB is not ever reported as 250GB

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Ubuntu Karmic Slideshow

8 Useful and Interesting Bash Prompts

What’s New In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Alpha 5 (With Screenshots)

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