Now there’s an iPhone app for avoiding cooties, swine flu, and girl germs!

Who’s got the dumbest work stories?

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Is Daylight Saving Time a poor investment from a safety standpoint?

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You’d think someone was paying off the EPA to not give the Chevy Volt a three-digit MPG rating. [Crazy talk, right?]

AT&T would sure appreciate it if you could slow down on the iPhone usage! [And we’d appreciate less billing!]

If you’re looking for the best way to maintain your home or office network, look no further than SolarWinds.

Boondock Saints’ Troy Duffy keeps reaching for the stars. [“We find a Spock, we got us an away team.”]

Windows 8 Professional released by Adobe! [Ah, the magic of Photoshop!]

An IT professional? Get a free, 90-day trial of Windows 7 Enterprise Edition.

Tetris really can make you smarter! [I thought my cortex was feeling itchy…]

When tweetle browsers fight, it’s called a tweetle browser battle.

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