Whenever I travel, I’m really bad about sharing my experiences with friends and family. Some travelers constantly update their contacts while they’re away from home, but I usually just tell people what happened when I get home, and only if they ask. Of course, if I was on a really long trip, I probably would do a better job of keeping people updated. We’ve all known people who sent us an ongoing series of e-mails about what they’re doing, links to their photos, links to their videos, etc. Instead of placing this content in various places online, wouldn’t it make more sense to put it all in one place? Everlater gives travelers this option.

By telling Everlater about the details of your trip regarding where and when you’re going, the service is able to provide you with a central place for your travel memories to live. Your page is split up into a variety of different sections for lodging, restaurants, tips, regular text entries, pictures, and more. People who want to keep up with your trip can just go to your travel page, and social media sharing is also a part of the experience.