Mass brain training study begins

It’s called television….

Chinese Say UFO Filmed For 40 Minutes During Eclipse

Nothing to see here, folks… it never happened…

Brad Pitt Spends More Than $80K On His Kids’ Gerbils

But it’s a green house…

Obama says “time to act” for healthcare reform

It’s a shame he has only one idea and it sucks…

Will Kraft Swallow British Chocolate-Maker Cadbury?

Finally – some relevant, important news.

Obama administration seeks right-wing consensus on health care

That will happen.

Nobel Prize Winning Economist Says Obama is Making the Same Mistakes as Policymakers Made During the Great Depression

They’re not mistakes: he’s doing exactly as he’s told.

Flight 93 – Proof of 9/11 Lies by the US Government and Media

Many lies.  Read and weep more.

Prepared Remarks of President Barack Obama Back to School Event

Full text.

Health insurers have Americans by the balls…

Among others…

Child-safety software sells your kids’ IM conversations to market-research companies

Feel safer now?

Russia oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia

Straight from OPEC.

White House Discloses 10 More Ethics Waivers for Administration Officials

Hypocrisy you can count on.

Lawsuit Claims WGA Is Spyware

That’s entertainment.

Password Hackers Do Big Business With Ex-Lovers

Careful who you piss off..

Placebos Are Getting More Effective

Fewer and fewer medications are actually making it past drug trials since they are unable to show benefits above and beyond a placebo.  Heh heh.


Chrome 4.0 Vs. Opera 10 Vs. Firefox 3.5

Craigsly: Set Up Craigslist Search Alerts

Five Things You Must Know About Windows 7