I rarely get so mad that I become what you might call enraged, but a session with the WordPress editor this morning has put me in that frame of mind.

Because of the possible hacks done to unpatched versions of WordPress, many sites have removed the ability to remotely post, this one being one of those sites. After finding out that that was the problem on Sunday, I was not terribly upset, as I had not yet become familiar with the amazing number of quirks with the ersatz editor included with WordPress.

To be fair, it is better than nothing – that is, having a method to input characters is better than none at all, but like a keyboard that has a bad chip (in the olden days an 8042 chip ) it is very, very annoying, as it seems that certain quirks cannot be reliably replicated. Hair pulling and shouting is what could develop if you’re not careful.

I can now understand why so many external ways to post to a WordPress blog exist, because no sane person wants to use this editor for anything other than plain text. Plain text works well, but the moment anything other than plain text is entered, the editor has a nasty habit of changing font sizes; and trying to do more than one quote per page leads to results that strain credulity. In one instance, I did nothing more than resave, then preview again, to see strikingly different results. The editor has a really nasty habit of making medium text go to extra small, apparently simply because of some design choice by the author, when a save takes place.

Though the original printing press of Gutenberg must have been quite the strain on the back and arms, it was probably something that did not change typefaces, sizes, and styles, when going from one page to the next. Gutenberg probably never knew what a blessing that was.

I am writing this to exorcise my frustration, and also in hopes that whomever is responsible for the What-You-See-Will-Never-Be-Seen-This-Way-Again FUBAR style of the WordPress editor will take it to heart, and totally scrap this unwieldy piece of garbage that inhibits the full functionality of an otherwise nice package.

I never realized fully what a great boon the Windows Live Writer is, because, with all its warts, it looks like [insert your favorite female object of beauty here] compared to Anne Ramsey (the object of disgust in the movie Throw Momma From the Train).

Please, please, let us soon throw this WordPress pig from the train. No amount of lipstick will make it presentable.


Quote of the Day:

“This is such a pile of manure that the upgrade is edlin and a primer on HTML coding.”

–  The Oracle, when squarely confronted by the WordPress editor

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