Yesterday I read an article stating that Microsoft was conducting an anti-Linux campaign at Best Buy. The article, which was based on what is alleged to be a post from a Best Buy employee, shows screen shots of the campaign. The allegations are that if Best Buy employees took the training they would be rewarded with a copy of Windows 7 for only $10. Here is the original post from the Best Buy employee.

Sounds great since the employee stated he wanted the copy of Windows 7 to sell and make a few bucks. But what I found difficult to understand is why? Why Microsoft would train Best Buy employees about the horrors of Linux, when Best buy doesn’t offer any Linux systems for sale?

The article went on to state:

The claims also overstate incompatibility and support on Linux, suggesting that “few” devices are supported, that features like video chat don’t work, and that there are no official help solutions for it. Linux does have reduced support but still supports common devices, including through apps that can recognize iPods. Third-party apps like Pidgin provide support for video and other chat features, and certain Linux distributions like Ubuntu or Red Hat often provide official support.

For Windows-only apps, Linux has had access to WINE for free virtualization of some titles, including 3D games.

Microsoft has been asked about the memos but has neither confirmed nor denied their legitimacy. However, the material is both consistent with Microsoft’s visual style as well as its frequent attempts to discredit Linux as a threat, which in the past have involved paid-for studies that allegedly show Windows as superior to Linux for servers.

Yesterday I was out and about with my wife and we stopped into a local Best Buy store. I went to the computer department and specifically asked the sale person that I wanted to purchase a computer with Linux preinstalled. She told me that there currently weren’t any being offered at the store.

So I went online to the Best Buy site and wasn’t able to locate any systems with Linux.

So is Microsoft carrying on a anti-Linux campaign at Best Buy? You decide.

Comments welcome.