You have to love competition in a capitalist society. It keeps company not only focused but also looking for new ways to reinvent themselves. New ways to increase revenues, not only for the company, but for those who subscribe to their services. So today Google has announced a new money maker for those who host their ads.

Google plans to introduce new ad formats. Google hasn’t made many changes to its text ad format and now sees this as a big opportunity. For example, advertisements for movies may be best in the form of trailers, and product advertisements may be best in the form of pictures and descriptions. The team is currently working on ad formats better suited to mobile, video, picture, maps and local searches.

There is also a new advertising format:

The company rolled out an improved advertiser interface for the first time in 6 years. This interface has been rolled out in all locations. Some notable features include the search-based keyword tool, which helps find keywords, better pricing tools such as a bid simulator, which projects the impact of lower or higher bids on clicks, ad extensions, which can, for example, link a successful map campaign to multiple addresses, and alerts, which will send advertisers an email when a pre-specified change in cost, position or other attribute occurs for specified keywords.

Plus Google is expanding their search product development and also Google analytics and website optimizer. Bottom line is that Google is gearing up to attract more advertisers before Microsoft can invade their territory.

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