In this day and age, consumers expect businesses to have Web sites. Have you ever tried to find a company online only to discover that it didn’t have a Web presence? Isn’t that frustrating? In many cases, it may even turn you off to the company completely. After all, how could they be so clueless? Granted, most legitimate business do maintain their own Web sites, but we’re also starting to see that businesses are developing their own social networking profiles. Sometimes we think of social networks as just being places where individuals connect, but that’s not always the case. Loopthing helps businesses become social.

Using this service, businesses can create their own profiles that include information about what they do, who’s involved, where they’re located, how to contact them, etc. Businesses can also upload media and other files to appear on these profiles. In addition to helping make connections with individuals, these profiles also encourage businesses to connect with each other. As a consumer, I may be interested in checking these profiles out, but in the end, shouldn’t the corporate Web sites have this information anyway?