AMD is going to try a different approach in how they will market their new processors and graphics, which will be optimized for Windows 7 when it launches next month. In what appears to have come from a Microsoft playbook, AMD is going to use what they call Vision with 4 distinct versions. The new versions will be:

  • Vision Basic
  • Vision Premium — Suitable for digital media consumption
  • Vision Ultimate — Suitable for digital media creation
  • Vision Black — High-end HD desktops, presumably for gamers

In addition it also states:

The platform includes dual-core Turion II X2 processors running at speeds between 2.2GHz and 2.6GHz while drawing up to 35 watts of power. The chips will come with up to 2MB of L2 cache and support for DDR2 memory. The new processor lineup also includes Athlon processors running at up to 2.1GHz with 1MB of cache.

The Tigris platform has the M880 chipset with an ATI Radeon graphics core that offers faster processing capabilities to hasten up multimedia tasks. Laptops will be able to offload multimedia tasks like video decoding to the graphics core, which should free up the CPU to do other tasks.

“We are able to take things like a standard-definition DVD and use sharpening filters and color correction to make it look like it’s just about 1080p high-definition ,” AMD’s Taylor said. The platform also has new power states that can reduce a laptop’s power consumption while playing DVDs compared to earlier platforms.

AMD is hoping to match their processor speed with their graphics in order to make it easier for consumers to determine if a specific computer will meet their needs. I believe that AMD is on to an easy formula to assist consumers in making an informed purchase.

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