Okay, so the for profit part of the title likely depends on how “clean” the job you do actually is. This being said, I do believe that this article has some fantastic tips on how you can save a lot of money doing otherwise simple laptop repairs yourself. And let’s face it, if that old laptop is out of warranty, this is approach is likely the best approach.

Easily the two best tips I found from the link above had to be the fan troubleshooting and removal, plus the skinny on how to best deal with a stuck key on your keyboard. These two tips are very handy and are worth bookmarking the article alone in my opinion.

But without a doubt, most people are going to give it up for help with dealing with a waterlogged laptop. Seriously, very little hurts more in life that bumping over a soda onto your brand new MacBook Pro or some other expensive portable computing device.

Do you have some laptop repair tips you might like to share? Perhaps you would enjoy smacking me for calling notebooks laptops? Whatever you have, feel free to hit the comments with your thoughts on this subject.