When it was announced that the Wii would have downloadable titles from past systems, I thought that was great.  I thought it might be fun to play those old Nintendo games without having to keep an old console around.  When I got around to playing those old NES games, it wasn’t quite as much fun as I remembered.  Mario was as frustrating as always, Excite Bike got old after about 10 minutes, the old football games were useless, and… well… you get the idea.

When I heard that the Wii would have games from the Commodore 64, I was ecstatic.  For me, there was no better video game system than the Commodore 64, and the European version of the Wii store had my all time favorite game, Jumpman.  I knew Jumpman and games like Sub Battle Simulator wouldn’t let me down because I had played those recently on a vintage Commdore 64.  They are games that perfected the art of gameplay and fun, and they never got old.  I waited patiently and then, just a few months ago, Nintendo finally brought the Commodore 64 to the American Wii store.

Here we are, several months in and there are still just 7 paltry games being offered, and some of those games are duplicates of NES games.  I know they have the games and I know they are already working just fine on the Wii because the European Wii store has them all.  The only thing I can think of is that they are sitting on these games, releasing just a few of them every couple of months.  If they would stop that silly practice and give us all of the games now, they could have a fair amount of money from me and from plenty of other people that remember those great games.

As it stands now, I’m thinking of putting the Wii away and picking up a new PS3 slim.  It may not have the classic games that I loved, but then again, neither does the Wii.