The voyage that took Charles Darwin to places like the Galapagos Islands, has been undertaken again, and will be available for inspection during the entirety of the trip. It is being undertaken by a group of British and Dutch scientists, who will replicate the trip, and make their progress known concurrently through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Because of the differences in technology from that original trip to now, there is certainly much to be gained from the trip, and perhaps we will see more of how man has changed the planet during the age of industry.

from slashdot

“Almost 178 years ago, Charles Darwin set sail in the HMS Beagle, to do the now famous explorations that formed the basis for Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species. Now, a group of British and Dutch scientists, journalists and artists set sail again to redo the voyage of the Beagle. This time, they are taking modern equipment with them and they have live connections through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. As they re-explore, and (re)discover, we can join that 8-month-long trip, live over the internet.”

The amazing number of changes also means that in the same time frame, the researchers can do so much more with experiments running both during the time at sea and when the ship lands. Much more work can be accomplished per unit of time, so that the many eyes, hands, and minds can achieve a level of magnitude more than Darwin was able to. For biologists, ecologists, and all other life sciences, this must be a very exciting time, and many will certainly be riveted to their computers, to glean every bit of information this trip reveals, as it occurs.


Another view of the trip….


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