Still not really the title I was hoping to settle on, but in interest of bringing this day to a close, it’ll have to do. Nevertheless, this is an article I wanted to share with you as it provides one of the most important lines of security against loss of data should your mobile phone become lost or stolen.

Think about this situation: you attend a conference, go to a local watering hole, or some other place where people gather. The day passes along uneventfully, you return home and, much to your dismay, you discover your mobile phone is missing.

Normally the best one can do at this point is try to get the thing canceled and hope the damage of having all of the data so readily accessible to the current “owner” will not create too many problems. On the flip side of this, however, the linked article above actually demonstrates some great ways we can actually erase critical data from almost anywhere! I believe that under the right circumstances, these remote erase solutions could be a real life saver.

Being an iPhone user myself, it looks as if subscribing to MobileMe is the most likely solution to use, but if you have a cheaper alternative, I would love to hear about it. BlackBerry users, on the other hand, can always fall back to the control given by your BES system admin. But it’s Android that appears to win the day with an application specifically designed to deal with the potential theft problem with an app for about $20.