One of my favorite features of Outlook is the Task List. Every Monday morning, I create my task list for the week. I assign a priority to each task as well as due dates and reminders for those tasks that are time sensitive.

Furthermore, each morning when I open Outlook, the Outlook Today pane displays my list of tasks. To make the list more meaningful and useful for me, I customized Outlook Today so that my list of tasks appear in order of priority then by due date. A quick scan of the list each morning helps me to prioritize my work for the day.

For anyone who uses the task list, I highly recommend customizing Outlook Today so the most important tasks are at the top of the list. You can customize how Outlook Today displays your tasks by completing the steps listed below.

  1. From the Outlook Today Pane, click Customize Outlook Today.
  2. Under the Tasks section, click the drop down arrows beside Sort my task list by option and select from the following options: None, Importance, Due Date, Creation Time, Start Date. To have high priority tasks listed first, click the Importance option.
  3. Click the button beside the Ascending option.
  4. Click Save Changes.