Ever hear the saying ‘There is plenty of room at the top’? Well that statement holds true when searching for jobs. You know those low level jobs you’ve been applying for just to get by until you find something else? Well, there are tons of other people applying for them as well. Companies can find many people that have the skills for the lower level jobs. So why not try for something better with less competition?

I have had several friends in the tech industry tell me that they haven’t been getting calls for job interviews lately when they apply for helpdesk or tech support positions. However, when the job requires more skill, like Network Security or Development, they tend to at least get a call for an interview. Others are even surprised to learn they got the job.

I’m not saying go out and apply for something you’re not qualified for, but you might want to add a few items to your resume that you know a little bit about and may not necessarily be an expert on. Read up on the things you don’t know and become qualified.¬†An ex-coworker of mine worked with me as a Helpdesk Technician. He had only about 1 hour of experience with Microsoft Exchange Server. He included Exchange as a skill on his resume and sent it out. In the meantime he read all he could about it. He is now an Exchange Administrator earning way more than he ever has. He has no problem performing his duties either.

Also note that there are many job descriptions that detail many skills that aren’t needed. I once had a job that required Oracle and IIS knowledge. I never used either when I actually got the job. Even more common is the requirement for a bachelor’s degree. I think every job I’ve held required a bachelors degree. I don’t have one (yet).

This rough job market requires more than just emailing your resume and praying you get a call. It’s gonna take gusto. Do you have what it takes to get the high paying job you want in this economy? Aim higher and go for it!