Today I discovered a friend of mine had a squirrel chew through the neutral line on the power pole outside their house. The end result was nearly every appliance in their home being fried with raw current — apparently the breaker box only tripped one of the breakers.

Where things get really weird is that during the cleanup from the event, they discovered that their DirecTV box was leaking a significant quantity of a water like liquid. The consistency was definitely water-like, not like melted glue or paste of some sort. And even stranger was the quantity.

What in the heck could create this quantity of mysterious liquid from inside a DirecTV tuner box? They are certainly not water cooled. And had something have melted, surely the consistency would have been less like yellow water and more like a sticky paste?

It is at this point that I must ask for your thoughts on the matter. The only thing I have ever heard of along this line is water coming in via the coax cabling — and even this is very rare. If you have any ideas, please hit the comments to share your ideas as to what might create this kind of liquid from someplace that there should not be any.