Gnomie Eric LaPointe writes:

In response to one of your recent articles, I have something that may be more appealing to the gaming/voice chatting community than Ventrilo. May I suggest Xfire? It allows you to text or voice chat with one or as many online or gaming friends as you like. All you do is invite them into a conference room that you create and enable voice chat. There is no push to talk — it works like a conference call — you can see which users are on or offline, what games they are playing, and if they’re multi-player games. If you have the same game as someone, you can join the game they are playing. So everyone in that chat room who own the same game not only can talk freely with each other, they can also play against each other while chatting!

I bought Halo for the PC and now play with my other friends that have the game across the USA. Xfire also offers the ability to download free games such as Call of Duty and many more, to play against your friends or on your own. I can’t tell you everything it can do, but I think it’s a must have for anyone into gaming online with their friends.

Xfire is an .exe and uses 17ish MBs to run (idle). Games all depend on the graphics, so it’s not for someone who has limited resources. My wife doesn’t have any issues running it on her 2.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM PC. I also believe that it works with Mac, but I’m not sure.

Let me know what you think.