lightning detectionKeeping students safe these days with all of the dangers in the world is already difficult enough, without dropping extreme weather into the mix.

Take Halloween, Oct. 31, 2008 for example. Students at the Texas based Buffalo High School in Dallas County managed to avoid a lightning strike that took place directly over their heads in the tree above as they stood below it. Talk about lucky.

Not letting this close call go without being answered, the Dallas County R-1 School District responded to this event by investing in lightning detectors. Then to make this count for everyone involved, the district also became a part of the WeatherBug Total Lightning Network.

WeatherBug’s Total Lightning Network is unique as it actually tracks strikes to the ground within a 30 mile window, whereas the NWS tracks lightning from cloud to cloud. Both types of lightning are dangerous, but one is deadly.

The alert module in the assistant superintendent Turner’s office gives a visual warning if lightning strikes ground 15 miles away and should it make it to 10 miles away, a loud alert sounds to warn him from the device itself.

Want to see more?

WeatherBug has put together this link for recent media coverage on the Total Lightning Network available from this link.