Network quality, while great when reaching for the mainstream, also translates into totally missing a target market of geeks and tech enthusiasts. About the only thing Verizon has going for its mobile offerings from a device standpoint are the BlackBerry options. Short of this, its phones are pretty lame.

As pointed out in this piece here, it is really quite clear that Verizon is limiting itself by only offering phones that “regular people” want. Sadly, what regular people want is evolving and, frankly, Verizon is not keeping up. For my money, the only Verizon device I would consider is one of the HTC options. While not as much fun as the iPhone, it is a strong enough device as backed up by the strong Verizon network that I would be able to make a switch to it fairly painlessly.

While it’s true that I would certainly be missing out on a lot of cool apps and other fun stuff only found on Android and the iPhone, at least I could own a smart phone from a company that is not pulling the ridiculous moves seen by Research In Motion lately. HTC has a history of sticking with what works. Be it not sexy, their phones work as advertised and that is saying something.