Ever heard of a man cave? For those of you who have not, the basic idea is that the man cave is a place in the home of a man who is able to retreat to this location in order to play, work, or just hang out with his friends. Some men might point out that their home office serves as a man cave. I would counter this with one question: did your spouse have anything to do with its decoration? If not, then yes, you are the proud owner of a man cave for sure.

My own man cave is easily my home office. As my wife has her own space (complete with fresh paint and a place for everything), my office looks like a PC repair shop exploded. Complete with Mario Bros. all over my walls, this is clearly not some place my better half likes to spend much time in.

And this brings me into the kind of man cave that is so geek friendly, it is almost scary. I honestly believe this is among the most Star Trek friendly man cave I have ever seen in my life. And if the guy who put this together did so while still being able to remain married, I will bow to his mad skills of persuasion and my wife would likely laugh me down the couch should I try and spend $10,000 plus on such a thing. Not happy with the image in the link above? Roll your cursor over it and be amazed. And yes folks, I am dead set jealous of any man who has his own turbolift! That is just plain cool.

How about a cool man cave that is still geeky, but offers something to the guy who is not a Star Trek fan? Well, I think we might have a definite winner with this one. Same deal as above — it’s Flash so you can just use your mouse to navigate the room.

What struck me most about this room is that the whole thing is done with Sharpie markers plus the goodies it has in it. A pool table, pinball, and the flat screen. Clearly, this is how guys were meant to kick back! You also have to give it up for the drawn in fireplace… classic.

What say you? Do you currently have a truly geeky man cave of your very own? Perhaps, instead, you have the idea in mind, but have not been in a position to the plan into action. Whichever it might be, we are interested in hearing about it. Hit the comments; share your wildest man cave creations with the rest of the Gnomies.

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