It seems that Microsoft is really pushing everyone to move to Windows 7 these days. Businesses have already gotten the ‘give Windows XP the heave-ho’ speech. The company is trying to entice, cajole, persuade, or bully, anyone and everyone.

Now they are giving the college student a reason to switch, or so they believe. With an appeal that compares the upgrade cost to much more expensive books, Microsoft is offering Windows 7 to students for $30 – either Home Premium or Professional.

Mr. Ballmer must really want to brag about those adoption rates!

As Mary-Jo Foley, from ZDNet, states, the site has the details.


UPDATE : If you look, and are wondering how to get Professional, check where you are asked if you need to join your school’s domain – it’s not that you have to do that to obtain it; it’s asking to give you the chance to choose Professional, just in case you do have to become part of a domain at your school.

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