ZillionTV has a plan that could change the way we watch television. The service, which is currently in its infancy, is making promises on how we will be able to watch TV by choosing the ads we want to see in order to have free service. There will also be an offering for a pay as you go service if you want to skip the advertisements.

The ZillionTV Web site states:

The Revolution Begins With You.

What is the ZillionTV™ Service? Whatever you want it to be. From professional sports to blockbuster movies, from favorite TV series to classic films — it’s at your fingertips. Our constantly expanding library of film and television programming will burst with the kind of entertainment you crave.

How can we do it? ZillionTV is working together with the top names in entertainment, including Disney, NBC, Universal, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, to completely change the way you watch TV — and you’ll never pay a subscription fee. Now, that’s revolutionary.

You choose the programs.

Yearning for cop dramas? Hunting for sci-fi thrillers? Need to watch the ’85 basketball finals twice weekly? Access the entertainment you want quickly and easily with our VUI™ Experience. Find exactly what you want to watch with intuitive search categories like actor, genre, and subject matter — even get suggestions based on your viewing history.

You choose how to watch.

With the ZillionTV™ Service, you make all the choices — right down to the ads. Want totally free programming? You found the right place. Customize the categories of ads you want to watch, and those are what you’ll see. Don’t want to see any ads at all? We can make that happen too with our “pay as you go” option. ZillionTV gives you total control.

The one thing you have to love about technology is that it is always changing. I recall the days when going to a Blockbuster store to rent a movie on VHS was revolutionary. Now Blockbuster is closing its doors at some 1,000 stores because they are not profitable. This makes one wonder how much Zillion TV will impact Netflix?

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