Sony and Panasonic are expected to introduce 3-D televisions next year. The TV’s are expected to cost about the same as HDTV’s currently on the market. But some are taking a wait and see approach since it will be the public who decides how well the new TV’s will be accepted.

According to a recent article it also stated that:

There are concerns that 3-D broadcasts, which require twice the data, will gobble up an unworkable amount of television bandwidth. And some worry that 3-D glasses and graphics won’t make a smooth transition to American living rooms.

Aside from the kooky glasses, people who want to watch television that jumps off the screen will need something to watch. The process of making live television work in 3-D probably would involve a major conversion of broadcast equipment.

These are some of the hurdles that 3-D will have to bridge. I’m not sure that the TV stations are going to jump on the bandwagon, taking into consideration they have just switched over to HDTV. Next, having to wear 3-D glasses give some folks a headache. Plus there is the fact that some of us have a personal preference in how we want to watch TV and I personally don’t see 3-D in my future.

The 3-D revolution will be replaced eventually by holograms. LOL

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