Notes in OneNote are created in a virtual notebook. Your notebook can be organized into sections, pages and sub-pages. Before you start using OneNote, you should understand the difference between these components:

  • Notebook — A notebook is a separate subfolder within the Documents OneNote folder within your Windows user folder. Within a notebook, your notes are organized in a hierarchical fashion using section groups, sections, pages and subpages.
  • Section Group — A section group acts as a folder with a notebook to hold all of your sections.
  • Section — Sections are used to organize pages and sub-pages. Each section you add to a notebook appears as a separate file within the notebook’s subfolder. The section file stores information for the pages contained within it.
  • Pages and subpages — Pages and subpages are contained within sections and they are used to keep your notes organized.

When you start using OneNote, you will likely want to decide what kind of notebook you want. For example, will it be on a specific topic or will it be for a specific purpose. Once you decided, you can create a new notebook. Given that your new notebook will be completely empty, you will want to make it more useful by create sections. Finally, you will need to add pages and subpages to further organize your future notes.