You have to love dumb crooks. In this reported case a burglar decided to check out his Facebook page while stealing two rings from the victim’s home. When the victim spotted the open page, the crook failed to log off, she reported this along with the theft. The dummy was later arrested by authorities.

The article also states that:

During the investigation, a friend of the victim told her that he knew where Parker was staying, in the same area as the victim’s house.

Police then went to the home and spoke with a friend of Parker’s.

The man said Parker had stopped by his home occasionally, but he said the man didn’t live there.

He also said that the night before the burglary, Parker asked him if he wanted to help break into the victim’s home but he refused.

As of Tuesday evening, Parker remained in custody at the Eastern Regional Jail on $10,000 bail.

Maybe the thief should have checked his Twitter account instead! LOL

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