If I was forced to choose between using Snow Leopard vs Windows 7, I would likely choose Windows 7 simply because of the hardware choices. With either OS, I find that both are perfectly capable of doing anything I could want. So after reading this piece, I felt like the writer clearly has some issues when trying to make a point. Windows 7 plays nice with open source because Australia’s Department of Education is making sure open source software is pre-installed. Uh, actually it sounds like this is the DOE making this happen, not Microsoft.

Windows based systems are cheaper than comparable Apple ones. Perhaps, but here we are talking about HARDWARE, not the OS at all. Despite both hardware comparisons being pre-installed with their perspective operating systems, the entire point was about the cost savings of the hardware involved.

And finally, the point about how Apple blew its chance in the education market. I would say this is about half right. While Windows does have a stranglehold in the k-12 marketplace, I would point out that Apple does all right in the college world these days.

The points on the amount of software and the fact that Windows is preferred by businesses is certainly true. But this does not mean that the software provided is actually better (open to perception) or that Windows is better for businesses (some businesses are moving to other platforms).

I think that in many ways, OS X Snow Leopard is vastly better than Windows 7… but this is largely tied into my preference for something Unix based. At the end of the day, I don’t believe that any one option is clearly better than the other. I believe saying that one is would merely point to one’s bias. I say this as a full time Linux user; I use neither operating system and detest OS X’s UI. Go figure.