This morning came with the announcement that Dell, the Texas-based PC company, will be acquiring Perot Data Systems, owned by H. Ross Perot.

Yes, that one.

The last time Mr. Perot sold a company, Electronic Data Systems, to General Motors, part of the money soon funded presidential runs for Mr. Perot, in 1992 and 1996.

Could this be the start of another bid for the presidency? It might not be the start of a run for Mr. Perot, himself a bit advanced in years to make the run, but what if there is someone yet to be designated?

from Tech Connect

The world’s second-largest PC maker, Dell, has just announced that it will be buying Texas-based Perot Systems, a provider of information technology services and business solutions. The acquisition offer stands at $30 in cash per share (totaling $3.9 billion) and will see Perot become Dell’s services unit. As part of the signed agreement, Peter Altabef, the current Perot Systems CEO, will head Dell’s new services division.

“We consider Perot Systems to be a premium asset with great people that enhances our opportunities for immediate and long-term growth,” said Michael Dell, Dell’s Chairman and CEO. “This significantly expands Dell’s enterprise-solutions capabilities and makes Perot Systems’ strengths available to even more customers around the world. There will be efficiencies from combining the companies, but the acquisition makes such great sense because of the obvious ways our businesses complement each other.”

If everything goes smooth (and there’s no reason to think it won’t), the transaction bringing Perot Systems under Dell’s wing will be closed in the November – January time frame.

Nearly 4 billion dollars would do a pretty good job of getting exposure for a run at the presidency. Could it be?

No one had really seen Mr. Perot on the radar screen in 1992, and stranger things have happened.



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