Today I learned that Skype’s CEO is lobbying to allow Skype to be used over 3G networks. Really? Yes, it is true that while some 3G networks are TERRIBLE, in smaller communities they are not too bad. So it would stand to reason that Skype could be seen as competition to the mobile carriers and thus, there is no way it will be allowed over the 3G network.

Then there is the matter of whether a 3G network can safely sustain Skype usage. On AT&T — no way, not in some of the bigger cities with heavier usage. And even if it were possible, I am sure compression would have to be used to make sure the call quality was bad enough so that most people would not rely on it.

So what do you think? Can Skype possibly have a future running over today’s existing 3G networks or, instead, should Skype’s CEO trying pitching something to Sprint instead? After all, it is always bragging about its 4G network. May as well put all of that speed to use!