The new direction at Yahoo these days seems to be one where the company gets rid of everything, while it still has value, similar to the strategy of its CEO, and her shares in the company.

After gutting the search department, and telling the world that Yahoo has never been a search company, but an advertising company, it seems that Ms. Bartz wants to find out the limits of what the public will swallow.


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It seems like just two years ago that Yahoo! bought open source communication platform Zimbra for $350 million. Oh right, that’s because it was. But today it looks like Yahoo! is looking to sell Zimbra, along with a number of other properties that don’t fit the company’s streamlined mission statement including HotJobs.

While Zimbra’s advanced email tools certainly made their mark on the recently updated Yahoo! Mail web client, but Zimbra’s real strength lies in the fact that you can deploy the software on your own server and create a corporate network for email, chat, and calendar sharing. And that’s not necessarily a business Yahoo! wants to be in right now. Instead the company is focusing on its consumer oriented products.


yahoo-logo soon to be just another forgotten logo, like Edsel, Rambler, AMC or Oldsmobile?

Having something that does a certain job well  (Zimbra), but deciding that is not what you want to do is not the way you do well in business. However, as pointed out earlier, doing well does not seem to be the aim of the new Yahoo. The new Yahoo seems to be aimed at exploring how well the company can devolve into nothing, while bringing in cash.

At the end, everyone (save for Yahoo’ s founders) will say it has been a good party, and now it is time to move on. (Is anyone else waiting for Carol Bartz to be exposed as Danny DeVito playing ‘Larry the Liquidator’ from the movie Other People’s Money?)


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