Announced today, Google has just dropped a bomb on the Microsoft camp. Through the use of a plug-in, it is going to attempt to win the browser wars in one fell swoop.

A plug-in called Chrome Frame, will ostensibly  install into any recent version of Internet Explorer, and transfer all of Chrome’s goodness and speed, directly into the industry leader.

What this portends for other browsers is not certain, but by making the Chrome browsing experience essentially a drop in, it will be immediately possible to drag millions of corporate users into the 21st century.

from PCWorld

Google is wielding a fierce new weapon in its war against Internet Explorer. The company has just unveiled a new plug-in that essentially transforms IE into Chrome, bringing the browser’s faster performance and expanded capabilities into Microsoft’s standard offering. The plug-in, called Google Chrome Frame, was announced on Google’s Chromium Blog Tuesday.

After a quick installation, Google Chrome Frame begins automatically functioning within your existing Internet Explorer setup. Once running, it’ll be able to render Web pages opened in IE with Chrome’s WebKit-based engine and with advanced HTML5 support not normally available in Microsoft’s browser.

In describing the Google Chrome Frame plug-in, engineers all but explicitly reference the Web-wide efforts to kill IE 6 due to its outdated standards. Microsoft has refused to drop support for the browser, leaving many in the blogosphere frustrated and searching for their own workaround solutions.


“With Google Chrome Frame, developers can now take advantage of the latest open web technologies, even in Internet Explorer.”

Google Chrome Frame can be installed in any version of Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8.

In naval terminology, this is not a shot over the bow, this is a shot right into the weapons hold, and threatens to blow the IE market apart. Sure, Microsoft will claim that people will still be using IE, but everyone in the know will be certain of what really lies beneath the waves.


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