The social networking site MySpace has announced that both MySpace & Twitter users will be able to sync their status. This will allow users of both social networking sites to allow friends and followers to interact with the content they post Web-wide. In a statement from the Senior Product Manager of MySpace, Sharon Nguyen, she also stated the following:

At MySpace, we believe in open content distribution and want to help users socialize around content in many different places.  Your status update is a quick way to tell friends what you’re up to, or in to. Our new sync functionality is part of an ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their status beyond MySpace and allow friends and followers to interact with that content Web-wide.

We’ve been hearing from users, content creators, and celebrities that they want an easy, secure way to update both their MySpace and Twitter accounts.

To enable sync with Twitter, we are using open authentication technology, OAuth.  OAuth allows limited data to be shared between sites while protecting your account credentials. This makes syncing easy and keeps your information confidential.

Syncing functionality includes:

· Status updates synced from MySpace to Twitter and vice versa

· Updates originating from MySpace will be noted as such on Twitter and vice versa

· Status syndication can be enabled for one-way or two-way

· When updates post to Twitter, readers have a link back to MySpace to make commenting easy

· Enables on-the-go status syncing (for Twitter and MySpace Mobile – WAP and apps)

· Open authentication technology (OAuth) protects account credentials and data shared between sites

MySpace is a place where people go to broadcast, discover, and express themselves.  We’ll be adding other networks soon and are excited to see how users will sync their favorite websites to more easily socialize with friends and followers.

This will be optional and users will have to sign up for the service. Also MySpace will be looking for feedback on what users think of the new service.

Comments welcome.

Source – MySpace Press Room