There should be an image here!I started out my travels in the Linux world with KDE and after moving over to Ubuntu back with 6.06, I never looked back as GNOME was just less menu surfing for me to deal with.

Despite being seen as overly simplistic in the past, it seems that today’s latest news of GNOME 2.28 is shaping up nicely. Besides the usual bug fixes and code cleanup, I was delighted to see some fairly cool additions as well.

GNOME Bluetooth has finally grown up into something that is to behold. Phones, your mouse, headset. Whatever it may be, your bluetooth devices will find great support. The time tracker applet is also neat, however I am really looking forward to seeing what the latest release of Empathy has to provide. The release available in GNOME 2.26 is pretty weak. Video support is spotty and audio is not working at all for many people. Hopefully they got this fixed with GNOME 2.28.