There should be an image here!At first glance, I thought this reminded me a bit of the Apple iMac. But then I noticed it had more of a tablet appearance to it. Upon closer inspection, this POS looks to be like nothing more than some sort of social media toy for people with more money than commonsense.

The really sad part of this is the fact you can buy a Chumby for less. And unlike the “Scream”Screen, Chumby had the novel idea of allow its users to select the widgets that they might actually want. You know, rather than dictating them to their users.

For tech newbies without a clue, this HP device is like a magical thing as many people are not aware that it is not acceptable for a device to take over 10 minutes to connect to WiFi. And slow, why, that is just part of the power of this device. Thanks HP, I love your other works, but this one is just sad.