There should be an image here!One of the stupidest things I see people who do know better is recommending to new users to rush out and buy a POS computer for as little as possible. Advanced users know this is BS. Unless you are running PuppyLinux, have zero plans on using Flash for anything and enjoy having the same limited experience you would have with the same machine running a proprietary OS, don’t buy crap expecting it to be rock solid.

The sad fact of the matter is that if you are deadly serious about using Linux, buy it pre-installed. Why? Because you are supporting a hardware ecosystem that frankly needs all of us to shut up and pay up. Besides, with vendors like System76, ZaReason, etc, you are working with groups of people who are to bend over backwards to make sure you have a rock solid experience. On the other hand, I promise you Dell could care less.

If the individual is merely wanting to explore Linux on the other hand, Virtualbox is where it is at. No partitioning, just install and enjoy. Best of all, you can fall back to Windows while you are exploring Linux. That, plus there is an investment of zero and you are not running Linux on a cheap POS alternative to your main box.