There should be an image here!According to this piece from Datamation, is a likely fact that the famed Microsoft Courier Tablet is never to be. Why? According to the article, it’s a matter of a few important key points.

Firstly, Microsoft research projects rarely see the light of day. And I can vouch for this as I have seen evidence first hand. Killer concepts that for whatever reason, never manage to gain significant traction. The second reason is that MS is not a hardware company. Unlike Apple, who is arguably becoming both, Microsoft is a company that is really focused on the softer side of tech. This means that the only tablet you will ever see with a MS logo is the existing Tablet PC already in stores.

Does this make sense? Think the article is nuts? I believe that it might be right for one reason and one reason only. Lack of broad appeal. While it could be argued that the Courier Tablet could be used for a variety of things, the reality is that it would have about as much wide appeal as the Zune. Face it, the XBox appears to be their own hit wonder and I doubt they are looking to enter the razor thin margins of the hardware biz with some new tablet product. I think Apple is safe in this market…for now.