Internet Explorer 6 is now eight years old and is not Web compliant. Microsoft has been trying to get IE 6 users to upgrade but without success. It seems that many companies won’t allow their users to upgrade IE 6 because of deployment policies and internal standardization that sound outdated. So it seems that Google has come to the rescue with what it calls Chrome Frame that will run inside of IE 6.  According to Google, this will make the old browser Web compliant and more responsive.

The Google blog also states the following:

We’re building Google Chrome Frame to help web developers deliver faster, richer applications like Google Wave. Recent JavaScript performance improvements and the emergence of HTML5 have enabled web applications to do things that could previously only be done by desktop software. One challenge developers face in using these new technologies is that they are not yet supported by Internet Explorer. Developers can’t afford to ignore IE — most people use some version of IE — so they end up spending lots of time implementing work-arounds or limiting the functionality of their apps.
So if you work for a company that won’t upgrade from I.E. 6 you may wish to recommend Chrome Frame. Your web experience will be greatly enhanced.

It’s free and installs in seconds. For Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 on Windows Vista / XP SP2.

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