Thus far, the build up for Windows 7 is not as mindbogglingly stupid as we found with Vista, but if this video is an indicator… Microsoft has not learned ANYTHING.

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In case you are wondering, it took no time at all for the college humor types to get a hold of this and release a “bleep” filled parody that, sad as it is to say, had vastly more entertainment value than the original.

It’s funny because stuff like this is not only lacking in any of why I would ever care about attending a “party” surrounding an OS; they present it in such a boring, vanilla manner that I found myself unable to look away. It was like witnessing a car wreck. You know it’s going to suck, but still, you find yourself glued to the visuals, regardless!

Microsoft, please, please! concentrate on some pretty good features you have coming out. Much like the stupidity of Ubuntu release parties, this one is not going to make diddly difference to anyone outside of the tech industry. And I suspect that it was designed because it appealed to a room full of yes-men rather than the target market.

Despite being a Linux guy myself, it is commercials like this one below that do two very important things:

  1. Demonstrate something cool and creative with the product. And did I mention she does it without those “toothpaste commercial smiles” seen in the video above? She’s animated and having fun with the Windows 7 product!
  2. It’s short (even the original version is short), to the point and makes me want to check it out. Seriously, keep the stuff short and stick to reasons why someone might actually care.

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I say again, the second video is fun and clever, while the painfully long, boring ad for some mindless party above it makes me want to go bury my head.