Things are very tough these days at NASA. The bean counters have been allowed to run the show in many areas, and let’s face it, bean counters in Washington don’t have much imagination, which is needed if you are thinking about space exploration.

Those same bean counters don’t have a clue about how to figure return on investment for things not yet found, but you’d think they might be able to approximate, based on past performance. How many things have been discovered, improved, or implemented because of the space program?

from slashdot, more bad news –

“The folks at the Government Accountability Office have not been all that kind to NASA in recent years, and today they issued another damning report on the future of the manned space flight program. NASA is still struggling to develop a solid business case — including firm requirements, mature technologies, a knowledge-based acquisition strategy, a realistic cost estimate, and sufficient funding and time — needed to justify moving the Constellation program, which includes the two main spaceflight components, the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle and the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, forward into the implementation phase, the GAO stated.”

Responsible spending is a good thing, but why not be more responsible about spending on frivolous things, like unnecessary off-shore wars, and trying to save people that don’t want to be saved.

Perhaps NASA should resubmit requests after the census, after a question concerning the above is asked, and what more of the voters’ preferences are.


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