Yesterday, an article, first in InfoWorld, and then repeated in PCWorld, tells us that Twitter is gone, the corpse is simply not completely disintegrated yet.

The somewhat snide tone of the article is an ample show of the fact that Twitter is becoming one of those entities that many will love to hate, perhaps for a very long time.

From a distance it appears to be healthy enough. It’s still growing faster than kudzu in a rain forest. The number of Twitter users surged a staggering 1,700 percent since last year. More than 20 million people visited in July, according to Comscore. Some (not so) poor slobs just dropped another $100 million into its profitless coffers, boosting the paper value of the company past the $1 billion mark.

Is this the same math that caused the stock market to crash, when someone was reminded that both sides of the balance sheets must match? I mean really…100 million now immediately means 1 billion? I thought only banks and stock brokerages were allowed to use leverage.

As the article states, this is ‘getting by’  money, so that the people who run it can try to develop a model for it to sustain itself, by figuring out a business model.

Is this not a reverse order problem? It reminds me of an old routine of Steve Martin’sYou say “Steve, how can I become…a millionaire?”  “Simple, first…get a million dollars!”

The article further contemplates the decline and fall of the Twitter Empire –

More than 3 million people now hang on every 140-character belch that comes from the keyboard of Ashton Kutcher. (Though, aside from shacking up with Demi Moore, it’s unclear what he’s done to deserve all the attention. Have you ever watched “That 70’s Show?” I mean, more than once?) When The Gloved One died in July, researchers recorded 80 tweets per second mourning the loss of MJ. There are now academic studies of varying ridiculousness about the impact of “Twitter influencers.” There’s not one but two TV shows that are allegedly being built around Twitter. (Of course, in TV land they’d build a program around your grandmother’s dead cat — and it would still be better than “That 70’s Show.”)

Yet, with all of that not going for it, that is not the worst of it. No the spammers, and scammers have gotten hold of Twitter, and that will destroy it (oops, some truth amid the humor!)

The article goes into complete detail of the methods of these bogus operators, which are compared to problems encountered on MySpace some time ago.

I really don’t do much Twittering, because I’m naturally skeptical, and also, I am really not that interested, for my mind tells me that people I would really be interested in, would not be interested in putting up vague thoughts on Twitter.

Truthfully, there just aren’t many celebrities I want to hear from, or about. The number of (computer) industry people I want to know about I can count on one hand, with left over fingers.   Others, that I might be interested in, would certainly never twitter. You know, (all kidding aside) like Stephen Hawking, Al DiMeola, or perhaps the leader of the group running the particle accelerator at CERN. These kind of people aren’t likely to be tweeting anytime soon.

I’ve often thought that Twitter would be far more enjoyable, for me, if there were channels, like an unlimited chat room, but with moderation, so that the first sign of a persona non grata, a ‘magic button’ is pressed, and they are gone. Then let them explain it to a panel, that then decides if privileges are restored.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!


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