At a recent Virus Bulletin conference one of the attendees found one topic extremely interesting. The topic was about the Russian “Partnerka”, which has been mutated to attack Mac computer systems. The attendee knew that a majority of Mac users have no anti-malware software in place and could be easily infected. At the same conference was a web site, since taken down, that was paying 43 cents for every Mac infection.

Here is what the article stated:

The Partnerka is the complex network of affiliates who profit from spam and malware. Run like a multi-level marketing scheme, if you’ve ever received an email which points you to a “Canadian Pharmacy” website, you’ve met the Partnerka.

Dmitry’s investigations are discussed on Paul Ducklin’s blog – but one thing that jumped out at me in his talk was that there is a faction of the Partnerka (which Dmitry has dubbed the “codec-partnerka”) which is dedicated to the sale and promotion of fake Mac software, designed to compromise your computer.

For instance, the website pictured above (which is no longer online – at least not currently) was recently offering $0.43 to its affiliates every time they managed to successfully install malware on users’ Apple Mac computers. And to help their affiliates in this scheme, they offer dangerous malware posing as fake video players.

Not being a Mac user I am not even sure if anti-malware is available for Apple systems. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Comments welcome.