Newegg is taking pre-orders for Microsoft’s Windows 7 OEM versions and the sale ends on 10/20/09. So what is the OEM version and how does is differ from the retail versions? Basically the OEM is a full version designed to be installed cleanly, does not come with any support from Microsoft, and also cannot be transferred to another computer.

An article over at Computerworld breaks down the pricing like this:

An online retailer today unveiled prices for OEM editions of Windows 7, listing them at discounts of between 45% and 55% off Microsoft’s “full” editions — and pricing them below the upgrades slated to hit shelves next month. priced the OEM edition of Windows 7 Home Premium at $99.99, 50% off Microsoft’s suggested list price of $199.99 for the full version of the new operating system, and 17% less than the $119.99 price of the same edition’s “upgrade.”

The online retailer priced the OEM editions of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate at $134.99 and $174.99, respectively, 55% and 45% under the list prices of the same full editions.

Windows 7 Professional OEM was the bargain of the three editions compared to the price for an upgrade copy, selling at Newegg for 33% less than the $199.99 Microsoft charges. Ultimate OEM, meanwhile, was priced 20% under Microsoft’s suggested list of $219.99 for an upgrade.

So if you want to save a few bucks you may wish to pre-order your copy before the sale ends. Check the Newegg link below for more details.

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Newegg offering of Windows 7 OEM versions + retail versions