Gnomie Robert Washam writes:


I noticed a feed you had on YouTube about running Ubuntu on/under Windows, specifying VMWARE. I did not hear a mention of VirtualBox, so I figured you had hot heard about it. It’s very much worth a look since it’s 1) free, 2) from Oracle (well, Sun, but that’s Oracle), and 3) runs well. Did I mention it’s free?

Parallel Workstation is better than VMWARE workstation FOR THE PRICE, also. Parallels is much less money and I found it VERY fast. On a Pent-M 1.7GHz w/2GB of DRAM running XP Home, Word, Kea VT, and a few other apps I was still able to run Parallels with a guest of SuSE Linux and have 12 students in the class connect to that same laptop using Telnet!

There is, of course, Xen, too. But Xen requires a lot of work right now on the desktop (laptop) platforms to get Windows and Linux running. I’m a Xen Partner and they do not want to give out a free Xen Desktop client (and besides, their desktop is much different than VMWARE et. al.). They DO give out a free 64-bit server product, XenServer Standard. For a 32-bit product, it’s, which has free downloads, but again, having to build a base Linux kernel to get a 32-bit server running just so you can virtualize a few workstation sessions is not for most to do!

Just my 10 cents (in binary).