I have been beta testing the software known as Microsoft Security Essentials since it was released. The software is currently installed on my test box which is running Windows 7 RTM along with a virtual copy of Windows XP. I am using MSE for both operating systems and it works very well with one exception. The scan feature is a little slow. But with this minor inconvenience the real question is who should be using the software?

MSE is very easy to use and uses a minimal of system resource. Though both Norton and McAfee have made great strides on slimming down their software from the bloatware of the past, there is one issue they can not slim down. That being the pricing they charge for their products. I personally stopped using paid anti-virus programs about six years ago when the expense for running five systems was costing me over $200 a year for protection. I started using free software like AVG, Spybot Search & Destroy and other freebies to keep my systems clean.

But one of the issues I noted with using multiple programs was when I was operating my own computer business and placed these software on client machines, those who were not tech savvy, would struggle with trying to understand how the software functioned.

This is where I believe MSE shines. For those who can not afford traditional paid software MSE offers an alternative. MSE is also easy to use and is a ‘set it forget it’ software that any PC user can use. For those of you who surf the Internet without any protections in place, I highly recommend giving MSE a try. You will be protecting your computer but more importantly you will be protecting others who surf the net as well.

MSE works with Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Give it a try before you critique the software and post useless comments that do more harm than good.

Comments welcome.

Download MSE from here.

Comments welcome.