I woke up this morning to the sound of heavy equipment on my street. From the moment I opened my eyes, I knew that I’d have to rearrange my plans for the day. Recording those voice over tracks would have to wait, as my home office has no soundproofing, whatsoever.

For the little guy working in a home studio, environmental noise can be a hair puller.

I can deal with the planes, trains, and automobiles… helicopters and lawn mowers, too. The regular sounds of the neighborhood are rarely persistent.

My home office is in the middle of the house. It’s usually rather quiet during the week. While things can get a bit noisy in the afternoon and evenings, I can usually get my voice over work done by simply closing the door. When things get too loud (under normal circumstances), I retreat to a walk-in closet with my MacBook and USB microphone. A closet full of clothes can provides a remarkable amount of soundproofing.

While no amount of office soundproofing will save my morning (they’re milling the street prior to repaving), I have my fingers crossed that things will quiet down when the crew breaks for lunch. And if not that, I’m hoping they wrap up early in the afternoon…